We are producing the selen meat based on the customers requests

  • Selen
    The latest researches are specialized in the studies of its part fight against the cancer,
    Alzheimer disease, proces sof ageing, HIV/AIDS and next viral diseases.
  • Selen – indispensable nutritive factor
    Positive effect on a human health was documented:
    - the detoxication effect on a cadmiun and plumbum,
    - it decelerates the ageing of the textus process,
    - it neutralizes effect of some cancerous substances,
    - it is important for the thyroid glaud activity,
    - it lessens the hair dandruff creation,
    - it lessens the women´s problems during the climacterium,
    - greater resistence to the diseases, digger resistence of the diseases, increase function of the immune system,
    - improvement of the thyroid glaud function.
  • Organic versus anorganic selen:
    - anorganic selen is not bilogically as active as an organic selen,
    - anorganic selen accelarates the oxidizing processes in the human body – it can inflict the health problems,
    - most of the anorganic selen is excluded from the human body,
    - during the synthesis of the body proteins is used just a small part of the anorganic selen.
  • Selen meat
    We sucessfuly realized the operative research in the selen meat production on 2002 and 2003. Cooperated with us:

    Prof. Ing. Ladislav Zeman, CSc. - The institute of the nutricion and grazing,
    Agronomical faculty of the Mendel Agricultural and forest University in Brno.

    Prof. Ing. Petr Pipek, CSc. - The institute of the food conservation and meat technology,
    High school Chemical-technological in Prague

    We began the cooperation in the establishment of the operating research in 2007 in the selen meat production with Doc. MVDR. Josef Drábek, CSc and MVDr. Martin Svoboda, Ph. D. from the pig´s diseases clinic, Faculty of the veterinary medicíne and pharmaceutical university in Brno

Attacks of
the selen absence:

  • Cardiomyopatic diseases
  • The abnormality of the hearth Muscle: Keshans disease
  • Oncogenous diseases
  • Problems with the men´s potency.



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