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VEPASPOL Olomouc, a.s. was found in November 1992 and became valid on the 18.February 1993 as a successive organization after the Communal agricultural company for the animal husbandry in Olomouc. It is situated in the Hana region in the middle Moravia, its farms are located close to Nízký Jeseník on a way to Olomouc – Šternberk – Rýmařov. A Communal agricultural company, at the time in Uničov, was established to the 1.1.1976 by then JZD and State-owned farm Olomouc as a company with a close specialization in the pork meat production and a pilet breeding. Afterwards VEPA started to produce a breed sows for the own herd regeneration. The pork meat production and a production of the breed material is realized on a base of the closed turnover of the herd with the system of cycle by all the weight categories of the pigs. Feeding of the animals proceeds dint the system of the powered nutrition due to growth and reproductive curve.

The company is formed by 3 productive farms:

Selen meat
Selen and our health



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