Politics and targets of the VEPASPOL Olomouc a.s. company

  • Politics of the company
    - Production of the fatstock with the branded meat character,
    - exercise of the products of our customers in a intensive european trade,
    - constantly increase of the breeding level,
    - posted reaction of the customers requirements.
  • Certificated breeding
    The company consequent observe all the legal regulations and directives concered with the pig breeding.
    We follow the 91/630 EHS directive, which there are the minimal requirements for the pig breeding defined.
  • Reference
    Our most important customers are:
    - MAKOVEC, a.s.
    - JATKY - KURKA s.r.o.
  • IPPC - integrated permisson
    The decision from 9.September 2003 – farm in Dlouhá Loučka : „The fatstock production, the production of a breed sows, pilet breeding“.
    The decision from 16. July 2007 – „VEPASPOL, a.s. - farm in Paseka, fatstock fattening.
    We submited a request for integrated licence released on 29.1.2007 – farm in Velký Týnec – fatstock breeding.
  • Company logo
    - Logo



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